Why Are Geminis So Good In Bed?

As a companion, Gemini is well-liked in the bedroom. It means that they show some exceptional tricks there. Today, through this article, I am going to tell you about these feats of Gemini.

Why Are Geminis So Good In Bed?

Gemini uses his intelligence to do any work. Yes, it would not be wrong to say that he uses intelligence extensively, even while having sex.

They often have ideas about sex intellectually. They believe that sex is an essential part of their life. The most crucial thing in Gemini is that they are full of energy and are ready for sex most of the time. If you talk about sex with them, then they can be turned on.

Before talking about their specialties, let me tell you that Gemini gets sexual satisfaction only when their mind is satisfied. They go through many types of efforts to satisfy the mind. It is essential to understand one thing here that it is not so easy to satisfy the mind.

Now I will tell you what is unique about Gemini that makes him good in the bedroom.

Gemini Lives Every Moment Freely

Geminis do not like explicit sex. They want to live that moment first, for which they prefer foreplay.

They have an excellent quality of seduction, which attracts the opposite sex towards them. Gemini involves dirty talk in intimacy to make it a better experience which can also act as foreplay to a great extent.

Communication While Having Sex

If Gemini’s sex starts with a conversation, then it is not a big deal. They like to have sex talk. 

They are curious to know what their partner feels for them and what they want to do with them.

They want their partner to explicate in words about all that they are both supposed to do. They are transcendent for oral sex because it has the involvement of the mouth. If they are giving you oral sex, you will perceive it as having two tongues.

Since they have a great affinity for their mouth and tongue, they love to kiss. If Gemini kisses for the first time, it may appear as he is very experienced in it. It would not be wrong if we say that Gemini is born with these experiences.

Experimental way

Having sex in one or two poses over and over again can be tedious. You will not have this predicament with Gemini. He does new experiments every day and keeps on looking for new positions.

He not only believes in changing poses but also includes roleplays. Sometimes he will have sex as your boyfriend or husband, and later they can shift their personalities to your teacher, plumber, etc. This experiment continues.

Seldom Gemini also like to do threesomes as an experiment. You can find him having sex in new places where you would not have expected at all, like on someone’s wedding function, on the plane, or in the car.

You can never get bored with a Gemini because they get bored very quickly, due to which they get used to doing something new.


Geminis are known to be funny. The behavior of a funny person remains the same even in his bed.

If you live in bed with someone who is very funny and can understand you, this can be a great experience. Gemini enjoys sex in the preeminent way. 


Gemini’s unpredictable nature makes them a great bed partner. They themselves do not know what they can do in bed today.

Often, if you have sex with the same partner, it can be tedious, but if your partner is Gemini, you will get this feeling less because they are very creative and unpredictable.

They can start having sex at any time. Suppose you are getting ready to go somewhere and your partner starts having sex with you, then it will give you a new experience. You may be late for where you were supposed to go, but you will enjoy the moment.

Who is Gemini most compatible with sexually?

After explaining why Geminis are so good in bed, let me tell you that Gemini is most compatible in bed with Aquarius.

Aquarius is an air sign, which is why he makes a great relationship with Gemini in bed. Friends, I told you that Gemini uses his intelligence even on the bed, which is the case with Aquarius. He is also considered one of the best intelligent signs.

This pair is so unique that sometimes they can spend the night even talking. Yes, these things can give them all sorts of satisfaction.

The most important thing about these two is that they like the variety of sex. Both get bored of having sex in the same course of action and keep on trying something new.

These two zodiac signs are very fond of each other’s intelligence at times which turns them on. Both love foreplay and support each other in this.

Friends, sex cannot be done alone. No matter how great a TT player you are, you can’t play it alone. Similarly, it is necessary to have the right partner. For Gemini, Aquarius can become the perfect partner.

Who is Gemini sexually attracted to?

Gemini has a vision of his own towards his sexual partner. If a person meets that thought, then he will be attracted to him.

If they find someone who can talk with them all night, they will be attracted to that person. They are very fond of talking, so one should support them in dirty talk also.

Their sex is physical and mental, so they are more attracted to such persons who can be satisfied at the intellectual level. They have a habit of testing the intelligence of the other person along with the body.

If a person can have oral sex with them, they will be attracted to him because they get the ultimate happiness.

The zodiac which fits in Gemini’s vision is Libra. These two signs of intimacy are very creative and energetic.

Where do Geminis like to be touched?

Geminis love to be touched on their shoulders and arms because it is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. This sign represents our shoulders and arms.

If you connect with these parts while talking, then your talk can profoundly impact them. They can also be sexually aroused.

Are Gemini’s good kissers?

Geminis are excellent kissers. Friends, the mouth is foremost for them because they are lovers of conversation.

Gemini loves to change their tongue. Even if they kiss for the first time, they will expertly do it. They can kiss continuously for a couple of hours. By kissing, they arose their partner for sex.

Their way of kissing is different. They don’t kiss in only one form. Here too, they believe in experimentation. Their kiss can sometimes be swift, and sometimes it can also be in a slow and gentle way.

There is no harm in giving the best kisser reward to Gemini. I asked the answer to this question from at least twenty people who were associated with Gemini. Most people say that Gemini is a transcendent kisser.