Why is Gemini the most hated sign? (6 Reasons)

This question often arises, Why is Gemini the most hated sign? Are they wicked? Today I will answer this question.

Why is Gemini the most hated sign?

Can’t always say that everyone hates Gemini. Every zodiac has some characteristics and drawbacks.

There are some shortcomings inside Gemini that make them disliked. Today we will talk about those shortcomings.

Not being able to keep secrets

Gemini people are inquisitive to know about everyone. By mistake, if they get to know your secret, they can express it in front of anyone.

Their aim is not to distress anyone. By nature, they do so. This becomes a gigantic cause to hate them.

Gemini should also note that if someone has shared a secret with you, keep it a secret. Otherwise, people will start losing faith in you.

gemini hated

Talk on both sides

Gemini people are preeminent at communication. Sometimes they become more talkative, which can become a big reason to hate them.

They use more words like “however” in their talks. If you are debating with them on an issue, they may speak on both sides. Suppose you are talking to them on US elections, their answer will be something like, “Democrats can also win, although Republicans also performed well last time”.

This shows Gemini people are incompetent in making decisions. Even if they do so, they are attracted to both sides of the coin. They are not able to decide whether we should live on this side or that. Usually, this can also become a gigantic cause to hate them.


If someone tells Gemini about the third person, then Gemini will immediately believe him and will create a similar image of his in his mind.

They regard any information without verifying it as accurate, and accordingly, their behaviour towards the other person changes. It can also become a gigantic cause to hate them.


Gemini has two or more faces. Their decision on the same issue transmogrify on different days.

If they commit to achieving something profoundly today, there is no guarantee that they will stick to that point tomorrow. Gemini quickly forgets their promises, that doesn’t mean they will not make it again.

By praising a person one day, they can also be seen doing evil to him the next day. Gemini confuses people on their own two things. People are not fond of this nature, due to which they hate them.


They have communication skills. So that they can use the person to their advantage, anyone can get caught in their sweet and innocent talk.

They don’t give much importance to the truth either. They can lie to any extent to impress you. This makes them capable of being hated.


Gemini is an air sign. The people of the air sign are mostly detached, but Gemini has this quality in abundance.

If you and Gemini had a very close friendship, but they may not call you after moving away, there is no need to be surprised.

If you spend a lot of time with them, and slowly you fall in love, then it is not sure whether they will fall in love with you or even then they can get bored with you very quickly. This tendency of theirs makes them capable of being hated.


Given above are the reasons why All dislike Gemini. It mainly depends on the zodiac signs whether they dislike Gemini or not.

Aquarius and Libra will not dislike Gemini too much because they are also air elements like Gemini. They can understand Gemini easily.